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I don't remember my life without Fernando Torres, maybe because it was not something complete enough to be called life. - Lilly R.


─ 29/06/2008, 21:18.

Euro Finale 29 June 2008, Germany 0 - 1 Spain

Six years ago :O It seems like it was yesterday… 

Fernando with his family in Maldives.

Spain World Cup Squad 2014



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Fernando Torres is hot yessssss ❤


Q. Did you cried with the goal from Ramos at the Champions ? 
R. Mourn not, but it was very cruel. If Madrid wins 2-0 or 3-0 then you have lost against a great opponent. Because what it represented, Atletico did not deserve to lose that way. 

Q. Have you talked to Sergio Ramos? 
A. Yes, of course. I knew the desire he had to achieve the Champions, how he has worked to win it. I’m really happy for him. In the bad, if it had to be someone, I’m glad it was him. 

Q. Are we witnessing the best center in the world? 
A. He’s not at a different level to other years. In football there are moments that mark you and score a goal like this in a Champions League final is one of them. Now the attention is focused on him for that goal. If he hadn’t scored it, now we wouldn’t be talking like this about him and it is unfair because he’s been in this level for several years now 

Espanha chegando em Curitiba na noite passada / Spain NT arrives to #Brazil2014

Brazil’s 12 World Cup stadiums.

Spain National Team players(Gerard Pique, Fernando Torres, Cezar Azpilicueta, Sergio Ramos)  while training 03.06.14